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Revolution in Orange


Revolution in Orange


Revolution in Orange


Revolution in Orange


Revolution in Orange

„Revolution in Orange“

A Photographic Exhibition About Ukraine’s Peaceful Revolution

After it could be seen in the European Parliament and in the Ukrainian embassy in Berlin, this exhibition of suggestive photographs will now remind audiences at goEast of the moving events that many have observed on the television-news. The “Orange Revolution” did not just cause a change of leadership in the Ukraine; it also created new Ukrainian citizens. Before, Ukrainians seemed paralyzed by their country’s power-structure – but now hundred thousands filled the Majdan, the square of independence. They said no to election-fraud, the shadow-economy, the black market, corruption and organized crime. Thousands took to the street of the snowed in country, camped in tents during sub-zero temperatures on the Kreschtschatik Boulevard, blockaded government-buildings and the presidential palace – for justice, democracy and closer ties with the EU.

goEast presents the exhibition „Orange Revolution“ from April 6 to April 12 at the Bellevue-Saal in the Wilhelmstrasse 32 in Wiesbaden, from 10am to 6pm. (during Symposium-events, see program pages 6-8, the exhibition is closed)

The exhibition shows images by five photographers who documented the events:

About the photographers:

Sergej Grebenjuk
has been a freelance-photographer for more than 25 years. His photos were published in many newspapers and magazines and have been exhibited several times. During the “Orange Revolution” he took more than 100,000 photographs.

Eduard Galagan
is a photographic artist and advertising-photographer for a design-studio. He has won many awards at photo-contests. His pictures were used in many ads all across Europe.

Pavlo Terechow
is a photographer with the magazine “Korespondent“. In 2004 he won two photo-contests in the categories news-photography and genre-photography.

Josef Ziwenki
is also a photographer for the magazine “Korespondent“. In 2002 he was a participant in the World Press Photo Masterclass. His photos were shown in 2001 as part of an exhibition by the United Nations.

Natalija Krawtschuk
has been working as a professional photographer for six years, among other outlets also for the magazine „Korespondent“. At a photo-competition by the Ukraine’s biggest newspaper 'Djen' she placed third.

The photographs by Pavlo Terechow, Josef Ziwenki and Natalija Krawtschuk were used in the official exhibition about the „Orange Revolution“ by President Präsident Juschtschenko’s press-office.

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