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Robert Bosch Stiftung to award its Promotional Prize in the framework of goEast Film Festival

The goEast Film Festival has won a powerful new partner in the charitable foundation Robert Bosch Stiftung. Already in 2006, the new partnership made it possible to jointly introduce an advanced training programme for film students from Central and Eastern Europe. We are now gratified to announce that in Wiesbaden in April 2007 the Robert Bosch Foundation will for the first time present its Promotional Prize for Joint Film Productions in the framework of goEast, the Festival of Central and Eastern European Film. The foundation grants funding to three teams involving the cooperation of young filmmakers from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe as well as Germany. Prizes are awarded in the separate categories animated film, documentary, and short film, with each of the three winning productions being able to receive up to 70,000 euros in funds.

goEast enjoys an outstanding reputation among German film specialists and has become a meeting-point for the film scenes of Central and Eastern Europe. Focusing on East-West dialogue and cultural exchange, the festival provides a forum in which the goals of either side can be jointly pursued. It is therefore a highly appropriate platform for the awarding of the Robert Bosch Stiftung’s Promotional Prize for Joint Film Productions by Young German and Eastern/South-Eastern European Filmmakers, a distinction and heightened incentive that will make the 2007 festival even more attractive to young filmmakers.

Call for tender (pdf, 70kb)

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