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Undreamed-of treasures – in regard both to domestic and foreign film productions – are stored in the film archives of Central and Eastern Europe. As of this year, goEast will annually present an important archive along with some jewels from its collection. The series begins with:


Jugoslovenska kinoteka – Yugoslav Film Archive Belgrade was founded in 1949 as the central federal film institution in Yugoslavia at that time. In course of reorganizations it was transformed into an autonomous and independent film institution. Later the Yugoslav Film Archive offered its help and advice in founding film archives in some republics of the former Yugoslavia, but nevertheless remained the most important film archive in the former Yugoslavia. The Archive is a member of the FIAF (International Federation of Film Archives) and has taken active part in the work of this organization since 1951.

The Collections of the Yugoslav Film Archive
The Yugoslav Film Archive houses the most important collection of films in South-east Europe with over 95,000 copies of domestic and foreign films, both on nitrate and acetate tape. The Yugoslav Film Archive stores over 300,000 photographs and posters. One part of the Archive is also the Library of the Yugoslav Film Archive which is not only unique in its country but also the largest of its kind in the region. It holds more than 23,000 books on cinema from around the world, all national periodicals as well as copies of film periodicals published abroad. The library also stores the scripts of all Yugoslav feature films.
The Museum of the Yugoslav Film Archive
is a specialized cinema theater in which the (domestic and foreign) films of the Archive’s collection are shown. The films are screened daily with several consecutive projections; some 1000 films are shown per year. Special programmes are assigned to various periods of film history, to outstanding film artists, directors, actors, and to various national cinematographies. In recent years this theatre has been one of the most frequented in Belgrade.

The Yugoslav Film Archive Belgrade received from the French government a donation of almost 300,000 euros for the reconstruction of the archival premises and vaults: a sum sufficient for the completion in compliance with the highest possible standards of the new building with floor space of 1,500 m2, as well as climatized vaults, two levels below the ground and two levels above the ground. However, in order to make the archive’s materials accessible to researchers and the media, we continue to require sophisticated and expensive tools like telecine, plotters for digitalization, editing tables, computers, software, and so forth.
Dinko Tucakovic, Director of Museum, Email: jkmuzej@eunet.yu

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