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  goEast 2004

Poland 2003
Director: Dariusz Gajewski, 104 MIN

On an icy winter’s day, they come to Warsaw from the countryside: Klara, who wants to live with her boyfriend; Pawel, who is looking for work; Wiktoria, who gets drawn into shady deals by an unknown man, and a grocer, looking for his lost daughter. The protagonists cross paths in this melancholic but humorous episodic film along the lines of “Short Cuts”, without noticing each other. But then a car-crash brings them together – an encounter that will change their destinies. The film shows Warsaw as a young, vibrant, but also unloved city; a place of longing for many people trying to find their way, their identity, or love.

Caligari: 07.04. / 6 p.m.

Opening of the Symposium.
Introduction: Hans-Joachim Schlegel / Lidia Kämmerlings

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