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  goEast 2004

Russia 2004
Director: Anna Melikjan, 97 MIN

Boris is tired. He has fought so many fights, beat so many opponents: The boxer does not know what to do next. That’s why he boards a train and departs – destination nowhere. When he arrives, he actually has no idea where he is. The sign at the train-station of this pretty little harbour-town, named after the big theoretician of communism, is missing a letter. Boris also can’t understand why strange things like stuffed animals play such a big role in this town with the dignified name. Boris is taken by the hand by a young girl and willingly lets her lead him through the collection of curiosities, strange things and incidents which seem to make up the life of this town, whose inhabitants all meet in a harbour-café: There is the girl with the longest braid, who fears her father’s axe. The ticket-vendor can’t wait to embrace the man of her dreams – in Paris, of all places. Handsome Grigorij seeks happiness in a self-built house with the beautiful ethereal librarian, who goes on a trip with both men.
The giant continues to stumble through the day, a sleepy catalyst who will change the townspeople’s lives. But the past will find a way to catch up with him. In her feature-film debut, Anna Melikjan (who participated with a short feature at goEast’s student competition in 2001) juggles optical tricks and poetic imagery, creating a lively kaleidoscope of dreams and illusions.

Caligari: 08.04. / 5.30 p.m.
Bambi: 10.04. / 2 p.m.

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