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  goEast 2004

Poland 2000
Director: Mariusz Trelinski, 100 MIN

In the late 90s, a Warsaw-clique parties with abandon – and lots of alcohol, drugs, sex and music. The indulgent group openly embraces their rampant egocentricity and mocks everything that average Polish people hold sacred. Anka wants to safe her relationship before she goes off to study abroad. “Mlody” (“the young one”) has an orgy before his marriage; drunk, he forces himself upon a prostitute. Filip, an architect left by his lover, hires a group of soldiers for his pleasure. The composer “Smutny” (“the sad one”), who uses his sensitivity to hide his cynicism, tries to decide whether he wants to continue wasting his talent at parties or try to start afresh.

Bambi: 10.04. / 8 p.m.

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