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  Marica Bodrožic

Marica Bodrozic: “The Player of the Inner Hour”

For the second time, the literature house Villa Clementine shall be organizing a literary reading in cooperation with goEast. Marica Bodrozic, born in 1973 in Jugoslawia, has been living in Germany since 1983. She will be reading from her first novel “The Player of the Inner Hour”, which appeared in a Suhrkamp edition. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung evaluated her impressive debut with the collection of stories “Tito is Dead” as following: “An author rarely walks onto the literary stage in such an intense and relaxed way, with such confidence in her own narrative style and such an irritating independence.” In her new book, Marica Bordrozic tells the story of a family which sticks out for its age and world: Jelenas first train ride begins with a lie- for her unsuspecting Gandfather, the preparations for their emigration to Germany are covered up by a pretended visit to the dentist. Much, much later during the trip, her wish to get back to the roots emerges. The Double-Decker takes the ten year-old girl to Dalmatien once and then over and over again, until the destination gets lost and her old life only continues to exists in her imagination…

Literaturhaus Villa Clementine: 11.04. / 8.30 p.m.

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