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goEast halftime in the Caligari FilmBühne
Koktebel – winner of goEast 2004 – in the Filmforum Höchst
goEast at the 28th Screenplay Festival in Serbia-Montenegro

On Saturday, 23rd of October 2004, goEast celebrates its halftime at the Caligari FilmBühne presenting current films from Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland.
At 4.30 p.m. the programme starts with this year’s winner of the documentary award of the Hertie-foundation Azbuka Na Nadjdata (ALPHABET OF HOPE, Bulgaria 2003, 50 min., OV, Engl. St) directed by Stephan Komandarev.
At 6 p.m. goEast presents the feature film KONTROLL (CONTROL Hungary 2003, 105 Min., OV, Ger. St) directed by Nimród Antal, which has been shown at the filmfestival Cannes.
At 8 p.m. EGOISCI (EGOISTS, Poland 2000, 100 Min., OV. Eng. St) by Mariusz Trelinski can be viewed. In Poland the film has received a very controversial recognition.

Last year in fall goEast presented films from Russia in cooperation with Herus e.V., this year we collaborate with the German-Polish Society Mainz-Wiesbaden. Once more the Villa Clementine, which attracts during the festival guests and interested people from the East and the West, will turn over this weekend into an arena of Central and Eastern European culture. The German-Polish Society presents an evening programme in the honour of Czeslaw Milosz. On Saturday, after the last film in the Caligari FilmBühne, we invite together to a polish reception.

In the frame of the Cultural Week to the Enlargement of the European Union, organised by the Volkshochschule Frankfurt from October, 9 to 20 2004, the Filmforum Höchst showcases goEast with its winner film from 2004 in the programme Looks from the East and the West. On Friday, 15th of October 2004, at 7 p.m. the festival director Christine Kopf introduces the film Koktebel (OV, Ger. St), Russia 2003, 105 min. by Boris Chlebnikov and Alexej Popogrebskij. Koktebel is their first feature film and has since August found a German distributor (Freunde der dt. Kinemathek).

In August the 28th Screenplay Festival invited goEast to Vrnjacka Banja in Serbia-Montenegro to portray its programme. The following films were selected from the goEast 2004 festival: Pogoda Na Jutro (TOMORROW’S WEATHER) by Jerzy Stuhr, Bar Na Victori (A BAR AT THE VICTORIA STATION) by Leszek Dawid, Posle Tarkovskogo (AFTER TARKOVSKY) by Pjotr Sepotinniks as well as four short films of the students’ competition and the opening programme.
The hosting festival provided goEast with a platform to present itself in various occasions such as a press conference, television and newspaper interviews, the FIPRESCI workshop for young film critics, as well as the opportunity to introduce the films in the amphitheatre, filled with more than 1000 people. Next year, goEast will invite the Screenplay festival for a presentation at its festival.

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