College Program

With the college program, the festival spotlights the new generation of directors. It's goal is to support professional exchange und to offer the interested audience the opportunity to see, compare and rate the talented artist's work. There will be three audience awards for college films - one each for the best short film, the best animation film, and the best documentary and experimental film. The "goEast-College awards" for the best short film and for the best animation film are being donated by TaunusFilm Wiesbaden and are endowed with 750 Euro each; the award for the best documentary and experimental film (750 Euro as well) ist donated by MHB Mitteleuropäische Handelsbank AG Deutsch-Polnische Bank Gruppe Nord/LB.

Under the motto "East meets West", the dialogue is positioned in the foreground. Colleges from Eastern Europe and Germany have been invited to present their latest productions. This year, the following colleges and academies take part: The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Faculty Film and Television - VŠMU from Bratislava, Slowakia; The State College for Film, Television and Theatre - PWSFTViT from Lodz, Poland; The Film Academy Baden-Württemberg - FABW from Ludwigsburg; The College for Film and Television "Konrad Wolf" - HFF from Potsdam- Babelsberg; The Film class of the Academy of Fine Arts at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz; The College for Design Offenbach HfG and the Art College Kassel.

All in all, the three short film programs consist of 36 films from several genres. The documentary and experimental film program offers a view at the life of social fringe groups and assembles a wide range of artistic analysis of film contents and -materials. The feature film program shows scenes from the often seemingly hopeless being of its protagonists, using impressive photography. Finally, the animation film program presents amusing and droll films.
In addition to the directors, professors and lecturers from the participating Eastern European colleges will accompany the series. Within the goEast Festival Eureka Audiovisuel organises a "Talk at the Round Table" with international Experts. They offer students the opportunity to get advice and collect informations on training opportunities, financial management, support of co-productions und distribution strategies.

Program note: For all college films which are marked OF (Original version) in the program overview, there will be English subtitles.


Howrah, Howrah

Truly, Madly, Deeply



Knife and Fork only

The Last Supper