goEast - Festival of Central and Eastern European Film aims at increasing the German audience's awareness for film-cultural developments in Central and Eastern Europe, and it will facilitate international contacts between filmmakers, thus raising international dialogue, understanding and cultural integration. goEast is conceived and organized by Deutsches Filminstitut - DIF (The German Film Institute) in Frankfurt am Main.
2.   The 3rd goEast Festival will take place in Wiesbaden, Germany, from 26th March until 2th April 2003. The Festival presents current film productions - feature films as well as documentaries - from post-communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe (including the republics of the former Soviet Union) as well as co-productions with decisive contributions from those countries. The films will be shown in a competition, out of competition and in special programs.


  Films must meet the following criteria for entering the competition:

· Feature films: 35mm format, minimum length of 80 minutes
· Documentaries: 35mm, 16mm, Beta SP, or DV, minimum length of 40 minutes
· Production year: 2001, 2002 or 2003
· No distribution or TV-broadcasting before the time of the Festival

4.   A selection committee chooses films for competition. The selection process will not be public and there is no legal right to enter the competition.
5.   The management of the Festival appoints an independent international jury. The jury will decide about awards and prizes. The jury's decision is final, and the jury does not need to justify their decisions.
The awards: Main Award "Die Goldene Lilie" (The Golden Lily) for "Best Feature Film" with a prize-money of Euro 10.000; "Hertie-Foundation Documentary Award" with a prize-money of Euro 10,000; Award for "Best Direction" with a prize-money of Euro 7500 sponsored by the City of Wiesbaden.
6.   After a film's entry into competition has been publicly announced, a withdrawal of the film is no longer possible.
7.   Films in their original language must have German or English subtitles.
8.   The deadline for entering the festival is 31st January 2003. By then, the selection committee must have received: the film on VHS-cassette, a dialogue list, a completed entry form with all attachments.
9.   The above mentioned VHS-Cassetes are returned only on request. Transport costs for VHS-Cassettes have to be paid by their original sender.
10.   A print of the film is to be sent only after an official invitation has been received. The film print must arrive at least 10 days before the festival starts, otherwise the film can not participate in the competition. Please consult the entry form for details of transport regulations.
11.   The participants must usually pay the costs for transport, insurance and customs.
12.   The festival covers the insurance of the film prints while they are on location in Wiesbaden, from their arrival on until they are given back to the shipper.
13.   Only the rightsholder or his representative can enter a film. This person agrees, that the festival can use parts of the film for public relations purposes. The rights-holder further agrees, that a VHS-Cassette of the film remains the property of the Festival's archives.
14.   Entering a film means the acceptance of the festival's regulations.
15.   The management of the festival is authorized to change the festival's regulations in special cases.
16.   The Festival's legal domicile is Frankfurt am Main, Germany.