The White NightsLe notti bianche / Nuits blanches / Weiße Nächte / The White Nights
Italien / Frankreich / Italy / France 1957
97 MIN / 35mm, s/w, DF
REGIE / DIRECTOR: Luchino Visconti

Buch/Screenplay: Luchino Visconti, Suso Cecchi D'Amico
nach der Erzählung "Belye noci" von Fjodor Dostojevskij
Kamera/Cinematography: Giuseppe Rotunno
Bauten/Art Director: Mario Chiari, Mario Garbuglia
Schnitt/Editor: Mario Serandrei, Nino de Rota
Produzent/Producer: Franco Cristaldi
Darsteller/Cast: Maria Schell, Marcello Mastroianni, Jean Marais, Clara Calamai, Dirk Sanders, Giorgio Listuzzi
Produktion/Production: Cinematgrafica Associata, Rom
Intermondia Films, Paris

Bambi: 11.04. 22.00 Uhr


The White Nights

Luchino ViscontiLoosely based on Dostojevskij's novella, the Italian director of passion tells of Natalia's yearning. She is a young Russian living in Italy, who for one year has been waiting for her far away lover who had been a lodger in her half-blind grandmother's house. On the agreed day of the meeting she waits in vain. In the course of this, she is being observed by another man, bachelor Mario (Marcello Mastroianni), who introduces himself to her and comforts her (Maria Schell, in demand as a Russian type in the Fifties, could enact her talent for emotional outbursts to the maximum here). At first she wants to employ Mario as a "Postillon d'Amour" but he tears the letter to the overdue lover because he falls in love with Natalia. But at the end, in the last of the "white nights", Jean Marais, the lover believed to be lost, appears like a black angel. Visconti has already moved away from neo-realism here.