Staged reading: "The Possessed"

The Literaturhaus Wiesbaden takes the opportunity of the Dostojevskij-Retrospective to confront Dostojevskij's novel "The Possessed" in its original literary form with a dramatical and a cinematographical interpretation.
This staged reading takes place in a cooperation with goEast and the FACTtheater company. "The Possessed", a classic of world literature, was issued 1873. Its range is among the important novels of the author, where he is reckoning with nihilism and the errors of a misunderstood socialism. On January 30th in 1959 in Théâtre Antoine in Paris Albert Camus' piece "The possessed" was staged for the first time. For this drama Camus had used the novel as well as passages of the diaries Dostojevskij had written while working on the novel. In 1987 Polish director Andrzej Wajda shot the LES POSSÉDÉS.
In the first part of the reading passages of the novel, scenes of the drama und takes from the film will be confronted. This allows an insight in the different qualities of novel, dramatic text and filmscript. The second part of the afternoon will be the complete screening of LES POSSÉDÉS.

Caligari: 13.04. 14.00 Uhr