Schuhe aus AmerikaSchuhe aus Amerika / Botinki is Ameriki / Shoes From America
Deutschland / Russland / Germany / Russia 2001
90 MIN / 35mm, Farbe, OmeU
REGIE / DIRECTOR: Arkadij Jachnis

Buch/Screenplay: Arkadij Jachnis, Swetlana Vasilenko, Dinara Seldova, Gennadij Ostrovskij
nach einem Stoff von Arkadij Jachnis
Kamera/Cinematography: Sergej Jurizditzkij
Ausstattung/Art Director: Aleksej Levcenko
Schnitt/Editor: Trevor Holland
Musik/Music: Iraida Jussupova
Produzent/Producer: Michael Frenschkowski, Sophokles Tasioulis
Darsteller/Cast: Ramaz Cchikvadze, Viktorija Malektorovic, Taras Denisenko, Viktorija Avdeenko, Ljudmila Pogorelova, Nina Šaralapova
Produktion/Production: Hope & Glory Filmproductions GmbH, Berlin
Co-Produktion/Co-Production: ZDF/Arte, Mainz
Media Park, Moskau
Freko Film & TV, Berlin

Bambi: 12.04. 18.00 Uhr


Arkadij JachnisA small Georgian mountain village, shortly after World War II has ended: Only a few people still live here since the German troops attacked and killed the mainly jewish villagers. One of the few who have survived the massacre is old Isaac, whose whole family has been erased by the Nazis and the shock about this loss has confused his senses. Since then he waits for the "Messiah" who will redeem him. One day Isaac meets an Serbian gipsy, who promises to help him to bring about the "Messiah's"'arrival. He invites her to live in his house. Shortly after, Isaac's son-in-law David who was believed to be dead returns home. His wife was killed but David's love always belonged to another anyway: Helena, whose two husbands died in the war. She lives in a house not far from Isaac's with her little daughter Eva and her sister Wanda. When the war was over, Wanda had been freed from a concentration camp. In her sister's house she tries to come to terms with the horrible experience. In this situation she needs her sister. Therefore she doesn't like it when the old flame between David and Helena lights up again.