My Brother Silk RoadAltyn Kyrghol / Mein Bruder Seidenstraße / My Brother Silk Road
Kirgisien / Kasachstan / Krygystan / Kazahkstan 2001
80 MIN / 35mm, s/w, OmeU
REGIE / DIRECTOR: Marat Sarulu

Buch/Screenplay: Marat Sarulu
Kamera/Cinematography: Kadyrjan Kydyraliev
Ausstattung/Art Director: Šailobek Djekšenbaev
Schnitt/Editor: Tilek Mambetova
Musik/Music: Baktybek Ališerov
Produzent/Producer: Sain Gabdulli
Darsteller/Cast: Busurman Odurakaev, Kabatai kyzy Elmira, Tynar Abdrazaeva, Mykhambet Toktobaev, Talai Imanaliev, Urmat Samudunov
Produktion/Production: Art Studio Kumai, Film Studio Kyrgyzfilm, Bishkek, Firm Kino, Almaty

Caligari: 16.04. 20.00 Uhr
Bambi: 17.04. 15.30 Uhr


My Brother Silk Road

Marat SaruluThree Friends, two boys and a girl, roam the woods of the Kirgisian hinterland. They rollick about and play tricks on peasants. Finally they reach a marked-out railway route that stretches until the horizon and once was the course of "Silk Street". For the children, the trains rolling by mean dreams of freedom and a "better life". Meanwhile, aboard one of these trains minor dramas take place: A conductor worries about her young daughter, who is in bad company. Another conductor is lonely and hopes to find love and affection by going to bed with male passengers - although these affairs regularly end in tears. An artist who portrays people is at odds with his fate - he wants to paint only the things that are important to him personally. Little by little he starts conversations with other travellers. When a gang of thugs tries to provoke him, the painter reacts quick-witted. Thereupon the men brutally throw him out of the rolling train. On the side of the railway route he meets the three children. This encounter will change the life of one of the boys.