Leha OnlineLjocha online / Ljocha online / Leha Online
Russland / Russia 2001
41 MIN / Beta SP, Farbe, OmdU
REGIE / DIRECTOR: Evgenij Grigorjev

Buch/Screenplay: Evgenij Grigorjev
Kamera/Cinematography: Artjom Anisimov
Grafik/Artwork: "Keks"
Schnitt/Editor: Aleksej Denisenko
Musik/Music: Gruppe "Splin"
Produzent/Producer: Evgenij Grigorjev
Produktion/Production: Pervyj Film, Moskau

Caligari: 15.04. 15.30 Uhr


Evgenij GrigorjevDocumentary about a 15 year old boy who for three years has been living with his parents in the countryside without any comfort. Formerly, his father had been a works manager in several companies who at a certain point in his life didn't want to be materially dependent any longer and who now lives with his family off the animals he breeds and the products he grows himself. Occasionally this leads to dramatic bottlenecks in the larder: When Leocha's older sister from Moscow decided to move in with them there were only winter stocks for three people prepared - they managed to get through the winter as a foursome but in April they only had water as nourishment. "I don't know how we survived back then" says Leocha. Nevertheless no family member regrets leaving the city life behind. Leocha doesn' t miss luxury goods such as telephone and television. He plays chess with his father or goes fishing to pass the time. And yet he craves company and opportunities to communicate: "I miss having friends". He doesn't think of leaving his new home, though. To finally be able to have more contact to the rest of the world, Leocha dreams of his own internet connection.