Kurzfilmprogramm III

Organcik / Die Musikdose / The Music Can
UdSSR / USSR 1934
27 MIN / 35mm, s/w, OF
REGIE / DIRECTOR: Nikolaj Chodotaev

This first Soviet cartoon with sound is a grotesque satire about a tsarist general, based on motifs of Russian classic Saltykov-Šcedrin.


Pejsaž s možželvel'nikom / Landschaft mit Wacholderstrauch / Landscape with Juniper Bush
UdSSR / USSR 1987
30 MIN / 35mm, Farbe
REGIE / DIRECTOR: Andrej Chržanovskij, Valerij Ugarov

This first film of the "Škola Izjašcich Iskusstv" ("School of the fine arts") imgines and reflects the art and tragic life of the Estian artist Ulo Sooster who had been sentenced to Gulag-prison until 1956, using a combination of documentary and animation.


A nagy agyhalál / Der große Hirntod / The Great Braindeath
Ungarn / Hungary 1995
33 MIN / 35mm, Farbe, OmeU
REGIE / DIRECTOR: Miklós Jancsó

Scenes from the post change period as a puzzle of virtual forms of reality, a dreamlike mix of broken virtues and seemingliy illusionary hopes, combined into pictures of the dance on the edge.


Stekljannaja garmonika /
Die gläserne Harmonika / The glass harp

UdSSR 1968,
19 MIN / 35mm, Farbe, ohne Dialog
REGIE / DIRECTOR: Andrej Chržanovskij

With his glass harp's magical tone, a musician frees the world from fear, terror and alienation.

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