War LiveRat uživo / Krieg Live / War Live
Jugoslawien / Yugoslavia 2000
100 MIN, 35 mm, Farbe, OmdU

Buch/Screenplay: Nikolaj Pejakovic
Kamera/Cinematography: Vladan Pavlic
Schnitt/Editor: Stevan Magric
Musik/Music: Toma Babovic
Produzent/Producer: Dragan Bjelogrlic
Darsteller/Cast: Dragan Bjelogrlicc, Srdjan Todorovic, Daryl Haney, Aleksandar Bercek, Dubravka Mijatovic, Vesna Trivalic
Produktion/Production: Cobra Film, Belgrad; Lucha Film Production

Bambi: 11.04. 20.00 Uhr


Darko BajicA film producer named Sergei and his crew are in a desperate situation. There is no more money for the project, the accounts are frozen and Yugoslavia awaits a NATO air raid. In addition to that, Mileta, a member of the state secret service, shows up at the studio. In an effort to save as much as he can, Sergei helds a press conference and announces that the best way to retort the bombs is a new patriotic film starring his american friend Harvey in the lead. The state takes over sponsorship of the film and Mileta becomes the filmmakers' right hand. Soon he realises though that the crew is not really concerned about the fate of the country and that most of 'his filmmakers' are not too thrilled with Slobodan Milosevich's regime. The completition of the film is in danger and the crew desperately needs a solution. Gradually Sergei begins to realise that there is no way to compromise with totalitarian power.