College Contest II
Short Films

MESKA SPRAWA / Männersache / A Man Thing
Poland 2001 / PWSFTViT Lodz
35mm / colour / 26 MIN / OV with English subtitles
Direction and script: Slavomir Fabicki
Camera: Bogumil Godfrejow
Cast: Bartosz Idczak, Mariusz Jakus, Marek Bielecki

13-year-old Bartek desperately tries to hide the fact that his father beats him. Lonely and without his mother's support he additionally is being harrassed by his sports teacher. His only friend in this loveless world is Bouquet, a stray dog who shall be put to sleep in an animal home. The impressive film paints a picture of contemporary Poland and won numerous awards in 2001, among them jury award at the college Festival in Munich. In 2002, MESKA SPRAWA has been nominated for the "Oscar" in the category "Short Film - Live Action".

Germany 2001 / FABW Ludwigsburg
35mm / colour / 16 MIN / OV
Direction and script: Marcus Weiler
Camera: Sten Mende
Cast: Ralph Herforth, Natascha Hockwin, Daniel Jeroma, Benjamin Strecker

She is young, beautiful and she's got everything. But Janine's soul is about to suffocate. And so she starts destructive attacks against her wealthy parents who in her opinion live in a dreamworld. She does this by using psychological intimidation. She accuses her father of having touched her in an immoral manner, and her mother of having betrayed her husband with workmen. Together with her friends Tom and Pete she produces a spectacle of violence, sexual obsession and humiliation without any moral scruples. If she cannot feel love then at least she wants to feel pain. Her life becomes an amuck run directed at herself


Germany 2002 / HFF "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam-Babelsberg
35mm / Colour / 14 MIN / OV
Direction: Petra Volpe
Script: Petra Lüschow & Petra Volpe
Camera: Jana Marsik
Cast: Stefanie Horsch, Laura Zimmermann, Michael Krause

Baby and Anna Sara are fourteen - and the outing with Baby's father definitely is not what they regard as a cool afternoon. But at least the trip pays of financially and culinarilly. In addition, Dad speeds along the German autobahn as if this gave him his meaning of life. During one of the stops at the numerous rest stops both teenagers go into the woods to keep a racy promise. Petra Volpe has been studying Artistic Direction and Scriptwriting at the HFF "Konrad Wolf" since 1997. SCHLORKBABIBIES is her third direction in the short film genre.


ALLES MIT BESTECK / Knife & Fork only
Germany 2001 / HFF "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam-Babelsberg
35mm / colour / 3 MIN / without dialogue
Direction and script: Franziska Meletzky
Camera: Lorenz Trees
Cast: Andrea Sawatzki, Konstantin Wecker

In a good restaurant the emphasis is put on hospitality. One shall be able to really enjoy one's meal. But one has to follow strict rules! Sushi with sticks or rather with knife and fork? A filmic choreography of eating featuring Konstantin Wecker as the piano man. A film of the different kind about tolerance. ALLES MIT BESTECK has been invited to over 50 international festivals and won the jury award at the Visionaria Festival in Siena, Italy, among others. Meletzky has been studying Direction at the HFF "Konrad Wolf" since 1997.


Germany 2001 / HFF "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam-Babelsberg
35mm / colour / 15 MIN / OV
Direction: Matthias Luthardt
Script: Martina Klein, Matthias Luthardt
Camera: Jan Lehmann
Cast: André Meyer, Anett Heilfort, Suzanne Kockat

A town, a place, an encounter. Plain Mila meets blind Raiko. The convicted loner makes his money as a beggar and arouses the girl's curiosity and empathy. She doesn't keep her eyes off him and makes contact. Mila wants to help him and invites him to a meal. The seemingly helpless blind man gets her to dare something unusual. Matthias Luthardt has been studying Direction at the HFF "Konrad Wolf" since 1997 and is a member of the Masterclass at the German-French Film Academy.


SKRZYDLA / Die Flügel / The Wings
Polen 2001 / PWSFTViT Lodz
35mm / colour / 13 MIN / without dialogue
Direction and script: Maria Sadowska
Camera: Marta Pruska
Cast: Joanna Pokojska, Rafael Mohr

In the countryside, the young girl Ruda tries to realize her dream of flying. Like an angel with self-made wings she jumps off every summit, landing roughly on the ground every time. Depressed by the many failures she meets a stranger. She falls in love with him and attempts to live out all her dreams in this love. A quiet film about growing up and first love. Maria Sadowska has been studying Direction at the PWSFTViT for four years.


EIN LIEBESVERSUCH / An Attempt to Love
Germany 2000 / HFF "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam-Babelsberg / Preliminary diploma film
35mm / colour / 12,5 MIN / OV
Direction and script: Jasmin Hermann
Camera: Ines Thomsen
Cast: Claudia Mayr, Marbo Becker, Lutz Lansemann

A man and a woman are under surveillance in a shared cell. A seemingly harmless experiment starts, conducted by national socialistic doctors. But the two seem to refuse to cooperate. The oppressive film deals with one of the terrible experiments with Jewish concentration camp-inmates, the forced sterilization with X-rays. In 2000, it won the "Best script" and "Best Direction"-awards at the Touring Festival of International Student's Film in Colorado Springs, USA. Jasmin Hermann studies Direction at the HFF "Konrad Wolf".


DAS LETZTE MAHL / The Last Supper
Slovakia 2000 / VŠMU Bratislava / Diploma film
35mm / colour / 16 MIN / OV with engl. subtitles
Direction and script: Martin Repka
Camera: Peter Bencsík
Cast: Marián Labuda, Csongor Kassai

A young man flees into a bizarre Balkan-restaurant. His shelter turns quickly into a dead end from which there seems to be no escape. Despite the late hour the restaurant's landlord takes his time to produce a festive meal for his only custoemr. The last supper is being prepared. Martin Repka comes from Frankfurt and studied Direction at the VŠMU Bratislava since 1996. DAS LETZTE MAHL is his diploma work. His short films have been shown at over 100 festivals and won many awards. In 1999, the Goethe-Institute in Chennai, South India, dedicated a retrospective exclusively to him.

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