Halloh - Caesar!Final Film

Halloh - Caesar! / Halloh - Caesar!
Deutschland / Germany 1926
90 MIN / 35mm, s/w, Stummfilm mit deutschen ZT
REGIE / DIRECTOR: Reinhold Schünzel

Buch/Screenplay: Reinhold Schünzel, Szöke Szakall
Kamera/Cinematography: Ludwig Lippert
Bauten/Art Director: Hans Sohnle, Otto Erdmann
Produzent/Producer: Reinhold Schünzel
Darsteller/Cast: Reinhold Schünzel, Imogene Robertson (= Mary Nolan), Wilhelm Diegelmann, Julius Falkenstein, Ilka Grüning, Toni Philippi
Produktion/Production: Reinhold Schünzel-Film GmbH, Berlin

Caligari: 17.04. 19.00 Uhr


Reinhold SchünzelReinhold Schünzel was one of the early German author-directors. He plays the main part himself in his turbulent comedy: Caesar is a Berlin juggler with no job. To find one, he is setting off to Karlovy Vary, hoping to get aquaintance of a man called Willard. He is the boss of a variety theater and is said to have helped many artists to get a well paid job overseas. And indeed, Caesar meets Willard - without knowing, however, because Willard wants to remain incognito and calles himself "Lehmann" now. But with this very Lehmann Caesar gets into trouble when the joyous juggler falls in love with Eva, Willards pretty daughter. But Caesar has to face a rival: Baron of Glatzenstein, quite a bit aged, has cast an eye on Eve was well. In all this confusion Caesar is completely unaware of the fact, that there's a girl that has fallen in love with him: Rosl, charming daughter of the hotel's boss. When the hotel catches fire, Caesar rushes in and saves Eva and Rosl. The hero is not only rewarded with the job he had longed for now, but can kiss a bride as well…