Opening ceremony with short films

NowhereNigdzie / Nirgendwo / Nowhere
Polen / Poland 2000
18 MIN, ohne Dialog
Regie / Director: Mariusz Chandoha, Marien Szot

A man drives in his van on a remote country road. When he sees an apparently broken car on the roadside, he stops to have a closer look. Inside he finds the driver, without conscience. He carries him to his van, but suddenly the stranger drives off with the van. Following th fugitive, the man finally tracks him down off the main raod - and unconscious again. A few yards ahead, however, he finds a grave, digged only a short time ago.


Tingling BluesSteklarski Blues / Gläserner Blues / Tingling Blues
Slovenien / Slovenia 2001
13 MIN, ohne Dialog
Regie / Director: Peter Braatz

A documentary on an factory for glass ware. The filmmakers catch the atmopshere of this place in pictures full of a raw beauty. There is the heat, that leaves the men soaking with sweat as well as the deafening noise the workers have to endure, on the other hand you can find an almost poetic harmony in the rhythmical movements of man and machine.


TestTest / Test / Test
Tschechische Republik / Czech Republic 1999
7 MIN, 35mm, Farbe, ohne Dialog, Realfilm mit Puppentrick
Regie und Buch / Director and Screenplay: Václav Švankmajer

Test is a research on the relationships between man and technology: Life on an scrapyard offers to some expolited creatures the chance for revenge. This film won the public's prize of goEast-College awards for the best animation in last years goEast Festival.


The IdiotIdiot / Der Idiot / The Idiot
Russland / Russia 1910
22 MIN (16 b/s) / 35mm, s/w, Stummfilm ohne ZT

Regie und Buch / Director and Screenplay: Pjotr Cardynin
nach dem Roman "Idiot" von Fjodor Dostojevskij
Zur Verfügung gestellt von / Provided by: Gosfilmofond

A short-film version of Dostojevskij's classic tale of the kind-hearted Prince who after a long absence returns to his hometown St. Petersburg. There, the naïve man is taken advantage of by ruthless people and finally becomes mentally deranged. Cardynin's film is less of a "Film version" of the story than a cinematographic "illustration" of the narration, with lots of love for décor in detail.


FoodFood / Jídlo / Nahrung
Großbritannien / Tschechische Republik / Great Britain / Czech Republic 1992
16 MIN, 35mm, Farbe, ohne Dialog
Regie / Director: Jan Švankmajer
Zur Verfügung gestellt von / Provided by: Kurzfilmagentur, Hamburg

Food as a sado-masochistic automatism: A fast food-machine perverts its consumers into machines. In the restaurant and at a lonely gourmet meal, eating turns into an act which destroys the partner or the eater himself.

Caligari: 10.04. 19.00 Uhr