The Spring For the Thirsty Krinicja dlja spraglih / Rodnik dlja žaždušcih / Die Quelle für die Durstigen / The Spring For the Thirsty
UdSSR (Ukraine) / USSR (Ukraine) 1965/1987 72 MIN / 35mm, s/w, OF
REGIE / DIRECTOR: Jurij Illenko

Buch/Screenplay: Ivan Drac
Kamera/Cinematography: Jurij Illenko, Volodymir Davydov
Ausstattung/Art Director: Anatolij Mamontov
Musik/Music: Leonid Grabovskij
Darsteller/Cast: Dymitro Miljutenko, Larisa Kadocnikova, Feodosija Livinenko, Nina Apisova, Džemma Firsova, Ivan Kostjucenko
Produktion/Production: Dovženko Studio, Kiew

Caligarii: 13.04. 11.00 Uhr


Jurij IllenkoAn old Ukrainian peasant gets ready to die. But when his sons return to him he awakes to new life and repairs an old ruined well. The film does without a traditional plot, instead poetically linking allegoric situations with surreal bucolic stylings. In 1966, Sergo Paradshanov - for whose SHADOWS OF OUR FORGOTTEN ANCESTORS Jurij Illenko worked behind the camera - defended this film which had been banned until 1987 at a studio debate: "If I were asked to show an exemplary film, I would choose this film by scriptwriter Drac and director Illenko. One has to admit that he at last is a major new phenomenon of this studio named after Dovženko (...). I haven't seen anything like it in my 12 year working career and am happy that the Dovženko-Studio now obviously seriously turns towards the ethnical folklore, the ethnical typage, the poetry, the cinema."