The Tale of Fedot, the ShooterSkaz pro Fedota-Strel'ca / Die Legende vom Schützen Fedot / The Tale of Fedot, the Shooter
Russland / Russia 2002
104 MIN / 35mm, Farbe, OmeU
REGIE / DIRECTOR: Sergej Ovcarov

Buch/Screenplay: Sergej Ovcarov
nach dem Theaterstück von Leonid Filatov
Kamera/Cinematography: Ivan Bagaev
Ausstattung/Art Director: Pavel Novikov
Schnitt/Editor: Olga Amosova
Musik/Music: Igor Macievskij
Produzent/Producer: Sergej Seljanov
Darsteller/Cast: Konstantin Vorobjov, Andrej Mjagkov, Vladimir Gostjuchin, Olga Volkova, Olga Paškova, Natalia Šerbakova
Produktion/Production: CTB Film Company, St. Petersburg, NP Orpak, St. Petersburg

The Tale of Fedot, the Shooter

Caligari: 14.04. 22.00 Uhr
Bambi: 15.04. 15.30 Uhr


Ovcarov, SergejLeonid Filatov's folktale about the good soldier Fedot who sets the people up against a cruel tsar, is being told hier with a surreal touch, droll humor and satirical political sideswipes.
While out hunting, Fedot, a Russian simpleton, meets a beautiful woman in the form of a bird. At first he thinks of serving her to the tsar as a delicious meal. But the lady with the wings promises to cook and clean up for him and to fulfill his every wish. As Fedot agrees, the beauty flies into his home - followed by three more winged ladies.
When the tsar hears about this he decides to have Fedot out of the way to make the woman his own. So he gives him tasks which are as good as insoluble: First, he shall find a carpet with golden threads , then a deer with golden antlers - otherwise he will be decapitated! But with the help of his ladies Fedot kann accomplish both missions. Then the tsar instructs him to find something "which cannot be found". After a desperate search he finally returns home, not even empty-handed. But when he learns about the tsar's wooing, his servility comes to an end.