The Evening Before Midsummer's Day Vecir na Ivana Kupala / Vecer nakanune Ivana Kupala
Der Vorabend des Johannistages / The Evening Before Midsummer's Day
UdSSR (Ukraine) / USSR (Ukraine) 1968 71 MIN / 35mm, Farbe, OmeU
REGIE / DIRECTOR: Jurij Illenko

Buch/Screenplay: Jurij Illenko nach der gleichnamigen Erzählung von Nikolaj Gogol
Kamera/Cinematography: Vadym Illenko
Musik/Music: Leonid Grabovskij
Darsteller/Cast: Larisa Kadocnikova, Boris Hmelnickij, Evgenij Fridman, Dmytro Franko, Myhajlo Illenko
Produktion/Production: Dovženko Studio, Kiew

Caligari: 15.04. 13.30 Uhr


Jurij IllenkoA film version of Nikolaj Gogol's novel of the same name from the novel cycle "Vecera na chutore bliz Dikan'ki" (published in 1831/32). Poor stableboy Petrus' agrees to a pact with the devil to win the heart of the beautiful Pidorka, daughter of a peasant. To be able to raise an enchanted treasure on Midsummer's eve he has to load a heavy blood guilt onto himself. This blood guilt makes him insane. After the wedding to Pidorka he loses his memory, gets depressive and is being plagued by delusions. When on Midsummer's eve of the following year Petrus' gets his memory back he loses his treasure and Pidorka who becomes a nun. The film was hindered by the Soviet censorship well into the "Perestrojka"-period.