A Prayer For Hetman MazepaMolitva za Getmana Mazepu / Das Gebet für Hetman Mazepa / A Prayer For Hetman Mazepa
Ukraine / Ukraine 2001
154 MIN / 35mm, Farbe, OmeU
REGIE / DIRECTOR: Jurij Illenko

Buch/Screenplay: Jurij Illenko
Kamera/Cinematography: Jurij Illenko
Ausstattung/Art Director: Serhij Jakutovic
Schnitt/Editor: Eleonora Sumovska
Musik/Music: Virko Balej
Produzent/Producer: Igor Didkovskij
Darsteller/Cast: Bohdan Stupka, Ljudmila Efimenko, Nikita Džygurda, V'jaceslav Dovženko, Viktor Demertaš, Katja Lisovenko
Produktion/Production: Vision XXI Media Group, Kiew

Caligari: 17.04. 11.30 Uhr


A Prayer For Hetman Mazepa

Jurij IllenkoThe director calls his baroque opus a "filmic poem" dedicated to cossack leader Mazepa. This form was the "only possible alternative to the curse on the great leader Mazepa". For a short period of independence of the Ucraine from Russia in the 17th century, he had fought side by side with Karl XII. from Sweden against Peter the Great. After that, Mazepa vanished from the "official" history books. Illenko shows Mazepa as a Ucrainian hero of the people and doesn't shy away from absurd surreal or drastic image compositions. In the centre stands a sumptuously loaded table, a metaphor for the feast of life and death, because in the director's own words: "The film is a "phantasmagoric dream about the bloody feast of three huge phantoms of European culture: Tsar Peter the Great, Swedish King Karl XII. and Hetman Mazepa." Recently at the Berlinale, the work inspired discussions about nationalistic tendencies and the obvious anti-Russian attitude.