ChicoChico / Chico / Chico
Ungarn / Deutschland / Kroatien / Chile / Hungary / Germany / Croatia / Chile 2000/01
108 MIN / 35mm, Farbe, OmeU
REGIE / DIRECTOR: Ibolya Fekete

Buch/Screenplay: Ibolya Fekete
Kamera/Cinematography: Nyika Jancsó, Mátyás Erdély, Antonio Farias
Ausstattung/Art Director: Mladen Ozbolt
Schnitt/Editor: Anna Kornis
Produzent/Producer: Sándor Simó
Darsteller/Cast: Eduardo Rózsa Flores, Sergio Hernandez, Gyula Bodrogi, Richie Varga
Produktion/Production: Hunnia Filmstúdió, Budapest, ZDF/Arte, Mainz, Maxima Film, Zagreb, HTV, Zagreb, Roos Film, Santiago

Bambi: 13.04. 20.00 Uhr


Ibolya FeketeInspired by the moving story of E.R. Flores' life the film describes the development of a believing communist in a mixture of staged and documentary scenes. Born in Bolivia Chico admires "Che" and actively takes part in the Chilean revolution from his earliest days on. Later he works as a journalist. Between 1991 and 1992 in the Balkans he witnesses how a "socialistic" government leads war against the civilian population and this throws him into a deep crisis. To overcome it he founds an international brigade on the Croatian side.